After many months of meetings, paper draftings and submissions and one large presentation at AIAA’s SciTech conference, the Project Atlas AIAA paper has officially been published in their scientific journal. The core team, including Alcuin Rajan, Conrad H. Wright, Collin Mickels, Noah Soderquist, Alona Prokofieva and Arthur Brock completed the full paper in December of last year after the initial proposal was accepted by AIAA and given the go-ahead for an extensive written report and presentation at Scitech 2019. In January, one of the principal investigators, presented the project to an audience at the SciTech 2019 convention in San Diego, California alongside Purdue, University of Michigan, Caltech and several other major universities from across the country. With the completion of the presentation, the paper was accepted into the official AIAA 2019 publication journal.