Our Mission

The mission of ERPL is to provide hands-on learning experiences for Embry-Riddle students involving the different disciplines required to successfully design and manufacture rocket propulsion elements and apply their classroom knowledge to real-life projects in the aerospace field.


In that late 2000’s after completing their Preliminary Design class, a group of students decided to move forward with a small liquid bi-propellant engine they had designed for their final project. This project became the foundation of the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Lab (ERPL). They called it Aquila (Latin for “Eagle”). The first design ran on a mixture of nitrous oxide and propane with the final goal of integration into a large aero body as an experimental sounding rocket. The team eventually hot fired the engine in one of the turbine test bays on ERAU’s campus. Following some successful tests, the team set about building a regenerative cooling jacket to prevent the engine from melting under the intense combustion temperatures and started formulating plans for integrating it onto a flight vehicle. As development continued, more projects emerged as the club began to evolve and grow in size. First hybrids and then supporting projects so that one day we can fly some of the most advanced projects produced at ERAU.